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Seahorse Class

Active Learn Phonics Bug I have now added the lesson for you to go through each day with your child as well as the revision for previous week sounds. You will find all of these in the 'my stuff' section of your child's account. These will be deleted regularly  to make space for the new sound lessons to be added.

Hit the Button 


Children are familiar with this game that we play in class to help work on their bonds to 10 speed. You could also try the other challenges shown above.

You could also try to play the doubles and halves (we haven't done much on halving yet though so a quick run through what this means would be useful for children).

Topic Links

This half term we have been looking at classifying animals into groups and looked at the different animals that belonged in these groups (reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, mammals). You could use these websites below to research more about this.

BBC Bitesize explanations of each of the groups:  

Quiz about animals:  

Information about the groups:  

Visit to find out about animals. You could try some of the games and watch the videos too.

You could use all of the information you read to create a poster about your favourite group of animals.

We were also due to look at comparing Stakeford where we live to the African savannah as well as the Australian outback. You could use the following websites to find out about these places.

Find out about the Savannah and animals that live there:  

It's well worth having a look at National Geographic Kids too:   Some things you may need to register to have a look at (such as plans and lessons) but it is free. Just search for Australia or Africa to bring up a list of resources to have a look at.

You could also do some general map skills of locating the continents and oceans of the world as well as locating Stakeford (they should be able to locate the UK and name the 4 countries of the UK). Use this link to help:  Google Earth is also a brilliant resource to use with children. Use the little man to drop into the place so they can see it first hand. You might get some little surprises depending on where you drop the man!  

Look for Africa and Australia. Explore what the landscape looks like from above compared to the UK.

Try  Start with the Tutorial section before moving through the other sections. Good site to work on basic location knowledge needed for Year 1.

Below, I have uploaded some resources sent to us by the NUFC team who deliver Commando Joe workshops.  The focus of Commando Joe work is to build team and problem solving skills, developing communication,  resilience and respect.